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Have you noticed how saturated Facebook news feed have become? It takes so many more posts to get our audience to even see our content, let alone capture enough attention to engage them in a relevant way. This is where Facebook Groups come in.

Facebook Groups – Become The Expert to YOUR Targeted Audience

Facebook Groups aren’t new by any stretch. However, I believe that in 2019, they will become very popular and very effective for engaging targeted customers for Real Estate agents.

Facebook Groups allow a user to invite people to a group where they can discuss topics, share ideas, ask questions and look for help. It’s like regular Facebook but local to your market! You can contribute and become the expert to YOUR targeted customer!

If you want to be known as a neighborhood expert, create a Facebook Group and invite members of your community or neighborhood. Encourage members to ask questions, posts local news, share local experiences and invite friends to join.

Your job will be to answer those questions, contribute to community news and share your experience with your local market. One day, one of your members is going to need a real estate agent. Since you’ve helped them in the past and kept top-of-mind through the Group, they’ll think of you first.

To learn how to create a Facebook Group, go to: