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I am a big fan of leadership guru and writer, John Maxwell. While I ponder why productive agents continue to give away so much of their income to their brands and brokers, I came across a profound Maxwell quote that probably explains quite a bit:

I know so many agents who could experience a different level of fulfillment in their lives if they would leverage their skills and experience to build their own real estate business. Once agents look at how simple and affordable we can make it for them to own their own brokerage, it is pretty easy to get them to see how it might benefit them and their families. The difficult part is often getting busy, productive agents to look beyond their current situation, and consider what their futures COULD be.

Perhaps John Maxwell’s quote is a reason why it takes so much to get some agents to just open their minds to the idea of building something great. Since productive real estate professionals are already experiencing a high level of success – at least compared to other agents – perhaps it has made you ‘comfortable’ or ‘content’. Many of you have just accepted that your broker or brand has somehow brought you your success, and is therefore entitled to so much of your earnings. Maybe you are convinced that you have reached some sort of pinnacle in the industry, and there is nothing else to achieve. Fight the urge to accept these things.

A wise man told me, “You don’t build wealth by being the agent; you build wealth by owning the agency.” I can say that to any of the thousands of agents I know, and every one of you will nod or respond in full agreement. So I ask again… Why do you continue to give so much of your hard-earned money to someone else? Why do you continue to work to make others wealthy?

There are many reasons that might ultimately keep you from opening your own real estate business; it is not for everyone. But Sellstate’s unique system removes a lot of the obstacles that you believe exist. We make it simple and affordable; we provide all your financial administration; we provide award-winning technology and tools (2018 RIS Media Tech Titan Award winner); we offer ongoing training and support that is unheard of in this industry.

Before you make a decision that could limit your future, just get all the facts. Click [HERE] to get information on what Real Estate Magazine called ” “The World’s First Complete Real Estate System” (May 2016). No pressure; just good, possibly life-changing information.