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You have every reason to take listings from the old veterans.

About a year ago, I was teaching a class for Coldwell Banker NRT in Tampa. It was a class introducing the tools, technologies and practices provided by NRT which could help agents be successful. The class was mainly new agents, although there were a few agents who had previous experience and had either recently moved to Florida, or were getting “back in the game”.

I remember one particular new agent – let’s call him Jorge. Jorge was a large, friendly, Hispanic gentleman who had just recently passed his state exam and joined Coldwell Banker as an agent. Jorge was motivated to be successful; he absorbed information like an eager sponge, asking for clarification on many concepts and ideas that I shared on how to generate business from the beginning.

I continued to encourage these agents, and convince them that if they concentrated on setting appointments, there was no reason to ever lose a listing to another agent or brand. At one point, Jorge raised his hand and said, “Andy, I have a question – I am new to Real Estate; I have never listed or sold a property. Why would anyone want me to be their Listing Agent?” Several other agents nodded in approval to the question, and turned to me with expressions that said, “Yeah Andy – what about that?!

Instead of simply answering the question, I launched into a listing presentation, “Mr. Jones. The fact that I am new to selling Real Estate is the very reason you should be interested in my representing you in the marketing and sale of your property.”

Let me explain to you why I got into Real Estate. Over the years, I have been on your side of the table, having to buy and sell properties with the help of a Real Estate professional. Like so many other homeowners, I tended to choose my agents based on who was most successful – that is, the agents who seemed to be on the most yard signs, who sold the most properties.”

There is this paradigm that exists – this belief that just because an agent sells more property than other agents that it makes sense that they must be the ones that sell properties faster, and get more for the properties. But, it wasn’t true then – and in 2018, it is even less true. “

You see, any Real Estate agent can put your listing in the MLS, put an ad in the newspaper and hold an Open House. And while a home might sell that way, it won’t sell as quickly nor at the highest price you can get. The Real Estate market is completely different than when most of these ‘successful’, experienced agents starting doing business.”

Agents who know how to use technology have a decided advantage.

In 2019, over 95% of home buyers will begin their search on the Internet, and according to the National Association of Realtors, over half of all homes that are purchased this year will be found on the Internet BEFORE they even speak to an agent.”

It is imperative that if you are going to list your home with a Real Estate professional, you choose one who understands how to utilize the Internet, Virtual Media, Video Media, Social Media and all the other technologies available to make your property attractive to the very most number of possible buyers online and get the most online showings.”

Understand that it is not my job to sell your house; and you should be leery of any agent who says that it is. It is my job to get as many potential buyers possible to see the property online, so that I get more potential buyers INTO your home so that your house can sell ITSELF. The more competition – that is, the more buyers with interest in the property who physically see the home – the higher price for which the home will sell.”

Mr. & Mrs. Jones, I got into Real Estate because technology and the Internet have become so important to getting the most for a property – and very few agents are willing to take the time to learn how to use these tools to get more for the home. But that is exactly what I have done. I have educated myself, and continue to educate myself, on utilizing technology, marketing tools, video, advanced analytics, social syndication – all the ways to get more exposure of your property, so that I create more competition, and can get the very most for your property.

Other agents are not educating themselves as thoroughly as I am, particularly those who have been in the industry for a long time, and can get business without learning it. Let me explain how I will market your property to get it sold as quickly as possible, and for the very highest price….” (I will cover Getting Every Listing Every Time in an upcoming post).

While my answer didn’t make the veteran agents in the class very happy, it did bring smiles of confidence to Jorge, as well as to about a dozen other brand new agents. Jorge asked, “Can you write that script down for me?”

It is not the script that is important. What IS important is to understand that as a new agent, if you are willing to learn to utilize modern technology, digital marketing, video and other modern marketing methods, it is an advantage you will always have over your competition. I know most of the top agents in South Florida, and very few of them really understand or utilize digital marketing tools to help increase exposure for their listings.

If you need help with learning to utilize digital marketing strategies, and include those benefits in your listing presentation, reach out to us. We are here to help. In the meantime, keep following this Blog – and you will learn more each month.