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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 65% of a Real Estate professionals’ business comes from their Sphere of Influence (SOI). And yet, less than 10% of Agents have effective systems to engaging their relatives, friends, neighbors, former clients and acquaintances.

On how much business are you missing out?

Social Media provides the most cost-effective engine for staying in front of your SOI, sharing helpful information to gain credibility and awareness, and engaging people with whom you already have a relationship, to be top-of-mind when any of them start to consider a move.

Social Media is not about advertising yourself to those that know you. It is about posting interesting, relevant, engaging information which spurs engagement and relationship development.

It is about being in front of the people who you are your best source of business and referrals with calls-to-action which provide them access to information, and the tools to help them better understand their property and the Real Estate industry.

Nothing – not even really effective Social Media marketing – is a replacement for personal contact. But Social Media IS the most cost-effective way to automate engagement and create conversations which lead to the personal contact necessary to get business.

If you are not effectively utilizing Social Media to engage your SOI, you could be losing literally THOUSANDS of dollars of possible business. Paradym’s automated Reach Social platform automates the posting, engagement and lead generation for your best lead sources.

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