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With the “return of the Real Estate industry”, competition to get buyers and sellers is very high – and on the rise. And yet, the most efficient, effective and inexpensive way of finding and engaging with potential customers is ignored by so many Agents.

I teach a class called ‘Social Media Made Simple for Real Estate’. I have taught it now for almost ten years. And while obviously the content has changed over the years, the theme still remains the same – If you set up your system in the right way from the beginning, you can efficiently and effectively grow your network of potential buyers and sellers while staying relevant in their minds.

The system really is simple:

  1. Determine your ideal target audience – geographically, demographics, interests, etc.
  2. Brand yourself and your pages with images, graphics, videos and a message that will resonate with your targeted customer.
  3. Create and run ads which target this potential customer with an offer of valuable, relevant information or services.
  4. Provide (post / e-mail) continued valuable, relevant information with Calls-to-Action which allow potential customers to respond, share, like or otherwise engage with the content.
  5. Build the relationship by reaching out to your audience in more personal ways – sharing more information, asking questions, getting feedback, and offering your services and expertise.
  6. Continue to ask your network if they have a question, have (or foresee having) a Real Estate need, or if they know anyone who has a Real Estate need.
  7. Continue to create and run ads, provide information, engage and build your relationships and ask for business.

It works – for the Agents who continue to utilize it, Social Media (specifically Facebook) is the simplest, most cost-effective way to generate real leads with YOUR targeted audience over time.

Notice, I said that it is simple – NOT that it is easy. But that is where I come in. If you need help, reach out and ask for help. I am willing to provide instructions on designing and creating your pages; targeting and saving your audience on your Facebook account; creating, running and saving your ads; scheduling posts in just a few minutes a day (or week); engaging your audience with Calls-to-Action; ideas for valuable information.

Or, you can have us handle some of it, or all of it for you. Currently we are offering $100 off our Social Media Startup package – which is a one-time fee of only $297. We design and create pages; set up and save your audience; set up content to be e-mailed to you each day; set up a FREE posting tool to schedule your posts; and provide weekly Tips and Tricks. There are no monthly fees – one-time $297, and everything you need to grow your networks and engage your audience in just a few minutes a day (or week).

Get Started utilizing Social Media today – ONLY $297 One-time Fee

Or, we can manage it all for you. We offer the posting, Calls-to-Action, lead generation, and unique content creation (one new video each month) for only $300/month.

Reach out to me at if you would like more information. Or, just hit me up on Facebook.